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Understanding Low-Carbon Energy

Working in The Renewable Energy Industry

Renewable Energy and Its Sources

How Pickling Can Lock Carbon in Oxygen-Free Ocean Depths

The Tropical Cyclone Yasa on Fiji

The Effect of Climate Change in Oregon’s Western Cascades

Quantum Advantage: A Computing Breakthrough by Copenhagen Researchers

Next-Generation Quantum Computer: Ultra Sensitive Microwave Detector

Using the Sun’s Energy to Create Clean Drinking Water

Masks Have Disrupted Our Facial Perception

The Influence of Media on Our Understanding of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Swamp King: The Gigantic Prehistoric Crocodile That Emerged From Southeast Queensland

What are the safest and cleanest sources of energy?

25 people would die prematurely every year
people would die prematurely every year
people would die prematurely every year
In an average year nobody would die

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How Pickling Can Lock Carbon in Oxygen-Free Ocean Depths

Did you know that there are parts of the ocean contain little to no oxygen? Due to this, there are no plants or aquatic animals that can live there. However, this type of environment is preferable to some microbes, and those are one of the places wherein they strive.
Because of climate change, these unique ecosystems continue to expand and strive. This is something that concerns fisheries and other locations that are dependent on seas rich in oxygen for livelihood and other aquatic activities.
But what piques the interest of a noted biogeochemist, Morgan Raven, is the continuous change of the chemicals in the sea and how it …

The Tropical Cyclone Yasa on Fiji

Fiji has been preparing itself for the inevitable arrival of a severe tropical cyclone known as Yasa. Citizens in the low lying areas have been issued warnings and advised to evacuate to escape the perils of the approaching storm. According to forecasters, the height of the waves in the eye of the storm could reach at most 45 feet in length or 14 meters. The eye of the storm appears to be moving straight ahead to the islands of Vanua Levu and VitiLevu.
Yasa emerged on December 12 as a tropical storm and had developed into a cyclone by December 14. The storm has had a lot of opportunities to gain momentum and growth. This is because …

The Effect of Climate Change in Oregon’s Western Cascades

A study claims that the changes in temperature and humidity due to climate change can lead to longer fire happenings and more brutal fire weather in the mountains of Oregon’s Western Cascades.
The lead author of the study, Andy Mcevoy, says that the changes in climate can lead to many possible scenarios that could lead to extreme fire situations. The study also suggests that there will be several days the components that create fire will align and cause fire happenings.
According to their simulations, there is a significant increase in the possibility of fire to happen in as little as eight days, with the peak number of…