Saturday, April 29, 2017

Study: Early organic carbon got deep burial in mantle

Petrology experiments support tectonic role in Earth’s ‘great oxidation event’

Seaweed as sustainable food for people and animals

Seaweed is on the rise as a sustainable source of protein for people and animals alike. In the four-year Social Innovation Programme ‘Seaweed for...
Global Water Cycle

Groundwater Flow Is Key for Modeling the Global Water Cycle

The SciencePlants are one of the largest water users on land and, through transpiration, they move more water into the atmosphere than streams or...


Uva Finds Way To Dramatically Speed Research Into Cancer, Genetic Diseases

A new technique developed at the University of Virginia School of Medicine will let a single cancer research lab do the work of dozens,...
carbon sink

Research finds a hidden carbon sink in the soils beneath our feet

Research on grasslands in Ireland, supervised by Prof Gary Lanigan (Teagasc - the Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority) and Prof Rachel Creamer and...
co2 mining global warming

Opinion: Worthless mining waste could suck CO₂ out of the atmosphere and reverse emissions

Could waste material from mining be used to trap CO2 emissions? A new £8.6 million research programme will investigate the possibilities. Simon Redfern (Department of Earth Sciences) explains, in...

Protein Acts as Natural Diode

Researchers at the University of Tokyo identified the pathways for transferring electrons in the bacterial protein MtrF by ascertaining through computer simulation the protein's...
multiple sclerosis

Medical history reveals multiple sclerosis begins to impact patients sooner

People with multiple sclerosis can show signs of something wrong five years before the onset of disease, much earlier than previously thought, according to...
rogue ocean waves

Ultracold Atom Waves May Shed Light on Rogue Ocean Killers

By precisely controlling the quantum behavior of an ultracold atomic gas, Rice University physicists have created a model system for studying the wave phenomenon...

Cassava Is Genetically Decaying, Putting Staple Crop at Risk

For breeders of cassava, a staple food for hundreds of millions in the tropics, producing improved varieties has been getting harder over time. A...
antibiotic resistance colistin

New test can identify dangerous bacteria resistant to last-resort antibiotic

Research suggests it is possible to quickly and accurately diagnose some the most dangerous and drug-resistant types of bacterial infections.The study also says the...
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Bacteria with Midas Touch for Efficient Gold Processing

Special ‘nugget-producing’ bacteria may hold the key to more efficient processing of gold ore, mine tailings and recycled electronics, as well as aid in...

Video captures bubble-blowing battery in action

lithium-air batteries
Researchers propose how bubbles form, could lead to smaller, more stable lithium-air batteries

Scientists identify chemical causes of battery “capacity fade”

Capacity fade
Like you, me and everyone we know, batteries have a finite lifespan.When a battery enters “old age,” scientists refer to its diminished performance as...

Steel structure shelters sarcophagus at Chernobyl

This week marks the 31st anniversary of the catastrophic explosion at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant's Unit 4 reactor. The blast discharged 400 times...