Graphene Battery for Electric Bikes That Charges in Five Minutes

ICN2-CSIC spinoff Earthdas will launch the latest prototype of their rechargeable battery for electric bicycles and motorcycles by the end of the year. Based on technologies co-developed at the ICN2, the innovative graphene-lithium batteries recharge in just 5 minutes, with no special chargers needed.

Graphene battery

Earthdas is a Catalan startup created in 2016 based on ICN2 and CSIC patented technologies. With its headquarters and seven employees at Barcelona Tech City, the company is set to launch its first product, a graphene-based battery for electric bicycles and motorcycles that can recharge in just 5 minutes. In the second half of 2018 Earthdas will produce a run of 3000 units, marketing them directly to electric bicycle and motorcycle manufacturers.

The team is also developing an app that will allow users to choose when the battery kicks in and to what extent, allowing them to draw more heavily during uphill stretches, for instance.

As one of the 20 startups to receive the Startup Capital grant from the Government of Catalonia’s Agency for Business Competitiveness (ACCIÓ), Earthdas is an example of how technologies patented at the ICN2 are allowing entrepreneurs to develop competitive products that stand out from the crowd and receive support from investors.

Source : ICN2