New Technology Creates Rainbow from Nanoscale Photons

・We developed the technology of photon nanoconcentration using gold nanoantennas to localize photons to nanosize.
・We successfully carried out a nano rainbow generation experiment using colors to shift the position of photon collector nanospots.
・We developed the technology of nanoimaging that can observe rainbow images at 0.0001 mm scale.
・The results of this study will contribute to the development of ultra-fine color picture elements, wavelength division multiplexing devices and biosensors.

We successfully developed a highly-precision light processor that uses specially fabricated gold nanostructures (nanoantennas) to localize incoming photons to 0.0001 mm scale and then uses color to shift the position of photon collector nanospots and create a nanosized rainbow. Our experiment was the first of its kind to be successful. In addition we developed a very high resolution imaging system with resolution down to several nanometers, for the purpose of observing images of the nanosized rainbow.

The findings from this study have important implications for ultra-compact color image sensors, optical integrated circuit devices for super-fast high-capacity wavelength division multiplexing, super-sensitive biochemical sensors, and nanoscale optical manipulation technology for manipulating nanoparticles at will.

Keiji SASAKI, Professor, Research Institute for Electronic Science, Hokkaido University