Shock, then kill HIV

This is a photo of HIV (red) taking over a human T-cell

Today is World AIDS Day — a day when we remember those who lost their lives to HIV/AIDS and commemorate the tireless effort of those who fight against it.

The world has come a long way in controlling the spread of HIV, but we have yet to find a cure because current anti-retroviral treatments can’t detect and eliminate all of the HIV within a person’s body.

A team that includes UC San Francisco and Gladstone Institutes HIV experts will embark on an ambitious effort to develop a cure for HIV in the next five years using a “shock and kill” approach.

The “shock and kill” technique would eradicate dormant HIV that could eventually awaken and infect more cells after antiretroviral therapy ends, eliminating the need of lifelong drug treatment.

Watch how the “shock and kill” technique works: