Study on the total excitation energy of accelerated fragments

GAINS spectrometer © EU, 2015

The partition of the total excitation energy of fission fragments at scission is a crucial quantity for the determination of e.g. prompt emission of neutrons.

Scientists from the JRC  in close collaboration with the University of Bucharest and the Romanian Institute for Nuclear Research have compared two different methods used in the so-called GEneral Fission code (GEF) and Point-by-Point models. Although the model approach is quite different the results for prompt neutron multiplicity compare well with experimental data. This proves that excellent nuclear data are the prerequisite to have confidence in nuclear modelling.

Read more in: A. Tudora et al.: Comparing different energy partitions at scission used in prompt emission model codes GEF and Point-by-Point, Nuclear Physics A940 (2015) 242–263 doi:10.1016/j.nuclphysa.2015.04.012