Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Researchers Develop Radar Simulator to Characterize Scattering of Debris in Tornadoes

Researchers have developed the first numerical polarimetric radar simulator to study and characterize the scattering of debris particles in tornadoes. (See video) The results of...

Plasma Turbulence Generates Flow in Fusion Reactors

The Science Improved stability and confinement in fusion reactors comes through generation of sheared flow. High-energy particle beams commonly drive the flow. Researchers ran new...

Study: Early organic carbon got deep burial in mantle

Petrology experiments support tectonic role in Earth’s ‘great oxidation event’

Study: Early Organic Carbon Got Deep Burial in Mantle

Rice University petrologists who recreated hot, high-pressure conditions from 60 miles below Earth’s surface have found a new clue about a crucial event in...