Tuesday, December 18, 2018
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Darwin’s ‘true century’ was delayed until animal biographies illuminated social evolution 

Over the last fifty years, long-term studies following individual animals over entire lifespans have allowed insight into the evolutionary influence of social behaviour –...
Genomic Data Commons

Genomic Data Commons heralds new era of data sharing for cancer...

The Genomic Data Commons, a next-generation platform that enables unprecedented data access, analysis and sharing for cancer research, publicly launched at the University of Chicago...
Extreme Environments

Engineers Launch Cross-Border Center to Create Materials that Withstand Extreme Environments

In a few months, a series of laboratories tucked away on the third floor of Jacobs Hall will buzz with teams of researchers and...

Engineers discover a new gatekeeper for light

Finding paves the way for devices that switch quickly between transparency and opacity to specific forms of light

Neuroscientists illuminate role of autism-linked gene

Loss of Shank gene prevents neuronal synapses from properly maturing.
subsurface water flow

Missouri S&T researcher tracks subsurface water flow

By combining computational mathematics and several engineering disciplines, a Missouri University of Science and Technology researcher hopes to consistently predict the underground flow of...
Breast Cancer

Five new breast cancer genes found

The largest-ever study to sequence the whole genomes of breast cancers has uncovered five new genes associated with the disease and 13 new mutational...

Eat, drink and be chemists

Rice University students help award-winning chef support local farms by preserving produce 

Beta cells from love handles

Researchers at ETH Zurich have managed to use a synthetic genetic program to instruct stem cells taken from fatty tissue to become cells that...

New magnetism research brings high-temp superconductivity applications closer

A research team led by the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) Argonne National Laboratory has discovered that only half the atoms in some iron-based...

A graphene chip filters light to boost communications

<p id="a-graphene-chip-filters-light-to-boost-communications" class="page-title heading">EPFL and UNIGE scientists have developed a microchip using graphene that could help wireless telecommunications share data at a rate that...
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Biodiversity brings disease resistance: novel study

A novel study of a Tibetan alpine meadow has shown a clear link between higher biodiversity and greater infectious disease resistance. The researchers say it...

Tiny Trees from UC San Diego are High-Tech Flexible Sensors

The tiny trees on the image above, part of the artwork for Research Expo 2016, are actually sensors, fabricated by researchers in the lab of...
gravitational wave

LIGO-India Gets Green Light

Following this month's announcement of the first observation of gravitational waves arriving at the earth from a cataclysmic event in the distant universe, the Indian Cabinet,...

EU launches three advanced pilot lines in photonics

Three major Pilot Lines, which help SMEs take photonics technologies from lab into market, have been launched today by the Photonics Public Private Partnership...

How faster sepsis diagnoses could save lives and cut costs

EU funding has enabled European researchers to pioneer life-saving research that could lead to the early diagnosis of the deadly disease sepsis.
neural networks

AI processor for mobile developed

New chip brings the possibility of “neural networks” to mobile devices

Neuroscience – from molecules to mind 

Today, we commence a month-long focus on neuroscience. To begin, Ed Bullmore, Bill Harris and Dervila Glynn describe how this area of research is...

Artificial intelligence and rise of the machines: Cambridge Science Festival 2016 

The annual two-week Festival, which runs from 7 – 20 March and stages more than 300 events, examines the growing interaction between humans and technology.
Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Real Challenge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, combined with other socio-economic and demographic changes, will transform labour markets in the next five years, leading to a net...