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Psychedelic drugs

Researchers Explain How LSD Changes Perception

Psychedelic drugs such as LSD have a profound impact on human consciousness, particularly perception. Researchers at Yale and the University of Zurich provide new...

Like Elephants, Large Working Proteins Have Small Handlers

A graduate student’s surprise observation in fundamental experiments with small binding molecules at work in protein folding has allowed biochemists at the University of...

This Is LSD Attached to a Brain Cell Serotonin Receptor

A tiny tab of acid on the tongue. A daylong trip through hallucinations and assorted other psychedelic experiences For the first time, researchers at...
mental heath treatment

Three Drugs That Could Transform Mental Heath Treatment

MDMA – commonly know as ecstasy – might be useful in the treatment of anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder The results of a 2014 study...
psychedelic drugs

Risky Research Could Herald Mindful Revolution

With its roots in the great age of Victorian invention, Imperial College London looks back on a rich heritage of breakthroughs in science, engineering...