Wednesday, December 12, 2018
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skin cancer

Blood Test Could Help Predict Skin Cancer’s Return

Scientists at the CRUK Manchester Institute, based at The University of Manchester, have discovered that testing skin cancer patients’ blood for tumour DNA could...
Parkinson’s disease

Breakthrough in Pharmaceuticals Production with New Enzyme Discovery

Scientists have discovered a new enzyme that will make a drug used to treat Parkinson’s disease cheaper and quicker to produce. Researchers at the Universities...
lung cancer

Blood Test Could Predict Best Treatment for Lung Cancer

A blood test could predict how well small-cell lung cancer (SCLC) patients will respond to treatment, according to new research published in Nature Medicine today. Scientists, based...
cancer moonshot

University of Manchester Researchers Join Forces with US ‘Cancer Moonshot’

The teams will develop technology that will revolutionise how researchers capture and analyse cancer cells They will analyse blood samples from patients with...
vision protein

Seeing the light – chemists create mimic of key vision protein

An artificial mimic of a key light-sensitive molecule has been made by an interdisciplinary team of researchers at the Universities of Manchester, Hull and...
cancer cells

Cancer cells turn healthy cells to the ‘dark side’

Study sheds light on how cancer cells and normal cells communicate with each other. Could open up new approaches to cancer treatment

Scientists identify possible double whammy to attack leukaemia

The scientists studied how two drugs work in cancer cells. When combined, these drugs blocked both signalling pathways, the cells could not escape the effects of and died