Tuesday, September 18, 2018
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Graphene oxide ‘paper’ changes with strain

Rice researchers say material is more or less brittle, depending on how hard it’s pulled

Cheaper solar cells with 20.2% efficiency

EPFL scientists have developed a solar-panel material that can cut down on photovoltaic costs while achieving competitive power-conversion efficiency of 20.2%. Some of the most...

Metamaterial-enabled antennas help improve satellite communications systems

Smaller, lighter weight, better performing and more multifunctional miniature antennas with increased performance may be possible using smart materials, according to Penn State engineers....
blood clotting

Synthetic antibody detects proteins

Research could lead to nanosensors that recognize fibrinogen, insulin, or other biomarkers.

Elucidating the mystery of phytoplasmas, the ultimate idler bacteria

Basic research and fieldwork go hand-in-hand at the world’s oldest plant pathology laboratory

Untapped region in brain cell offers goldmine of drug targets for...

Discovery could shed light on how genetic mutations lead to the disease
Yeast cells

In defence of pathogenic proteins

Protein deposits in cells, such as those associated with diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's, can also be beneficial – at least for yeast cells,...

X-rays reveal details of plastic solar cell production

Organic photovoltaics: TUM researchers observe molecular processes
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Pitt Team Finds Circadian Rhythm of Genes in Brain Changes with...

Examination of thousands of genes from nearly 150 human brains shows the circadian rhythm of gene activity changes with aging, according to a first-of-its-kind...

2015’s Top 10 Scientific Advances at Brookhaven National Laboratory

From creating the tiniest drops of primordial particle soup to devising new ways to improve batteries, catalysts, superconductors, and more, scientists at the U.S....

A new twist in genetic switches

Rice University theorists reveal a new mechanism of gene regulation 

Researchers discover molecular rules that govern autoimmune disorders

  An international team led by researchers at UCLA’s Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science and California NanoSystems Institute has identified an unexpectedly...

Even at a molecular level, taking it slow helps us cope...

UC Berkeley scientists have identified a new molecular pathway critical to aging, and confirmed that the process can be manipulated to help make old blood...