Tuesday, July 16, 2019
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chemical sensors

3D Bioprinting of Living Structures with Built-In Chemical Sensors

An international team of researchers led by Professor Michael Kühl at the Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen has just published a breakthrough in...

Study of Salts in Water Causing Stir

New insight into science that seems, on its surface, exceedingly simple — what happens when you add salt to water — could ultimately lead...
self-charging batteries Lithium-ion batteries

Bright future for self-charging batteries

New technology developed by Hydro-Québec and McGill University could one day make battery chargers obsolete

Melting Snow Contains a Toxic Cocktail of Pollutants

With spring finally here and warmer temperatures just around the corner, snow will slowly melt away, releasing us from the clutches of winter. However,...

Innovative Exoskeleton Design Wins Imperial’s Schools Contest

HBS Vexplosions, a team of Year 9 pupils from Henrietta Barnett School, beat over 50 other student teams to take this year’s prize.All of...
Smart Windows

Low-Temp Production Could Mean Cheaper, Flexible Smart Windows

Researchers in the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin have invented a new flexible smart window material that, when...
congenital eye diseases

Channel to a World of Color

What is the primary aim of the clinical study in which you are now involved? Martin Biel: The goal is to effectively treat, i.e. remedy...

Eat, drink and be chemists

Rice University students help award-winning chef support local farms by preserving produce 

Key to effectively controlling pain

Pain receptor targeting has a major effect on a cell nucleus' ability to transmit pain signals 

Antiperspirant Alters the Microbial Ecosystem on Your Skin

Wearing antiperspirant or deodorant doesn’t just affect your social life, it substantially changes the microbial life that lives on you. New research finds that...

What dose of medication is best to prevent the evolution of...

A new model shows that the standard practice of treating infections with the highest tolerable dose of anti-microbial medications may not be best for...
fluorescent probes

Chemists develop bright, fluorescent bottlebrush polymer probe for cell detection

Fluorescent probes, glowing tags that can be attached to a variety of biomolecules, are ubiquitous in the study of biological systems. Chemists at Carnegie...