Thursday, April 25, 2019
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Sophomore Helps Develop Method to Detect Landmines

A 5-year-old plays with his friends on the outskirts of a town in rural Afghanistan. As he runs around, a smooth, green object shaped...

Scientists Discover New Magnet with Nearly Massless Charge Carriers

Advances in modern electronics has demanded the requisite hardware, transistors, to be smaller in each new iteration. Recent progress in nanotechnology has reduced the...
blood clots

Statins May Reduce the Risk of Blood Clots in the Vein

Statins are groups of medications that reduce blood cholesterol levels and are commonly used to prevent heart disease. They can also reduce inflammation and...
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New Sensor System Predicts Heart Failure Events Before They Occur

A suite of sensors can predict heart failure events by detecting when a patient's condition is worsening, according to John Boehmer, professor of medicine,...