Monday, July 22, 2019


lopsided brain

Our Uniquely Lopsided Brain

OPINION: We all know that the human brain is ridiculously large, but how many of us realise that it’s lopsided as well? It turns...

Food for Thought? Diet Helps Explain Unique Human Brainpower

OPINION: It’s the mystery of all mysteries of science. Why is it that humans are so unusual compared to all other life? The key...

OPINION Massive storms are pumping pollution into our oceans: time to clean...

The massive storms that have lashed Australia’s east coast over the past few days are not just a threat to lives and property, but...
killer robots 

OPINION We must prepare for the advent of killer robots 

Attempts to define and prohibit autonomous weapon systems may hold back weaponry of significant value in improving international security, warns Jai Galliott.
DNA science

A golden age of ancient DNA science begins

OPINION: If I had taken a straw poll among anthropologists 10 years ago asking them how far genetic research would come in the next...