Thursday, February 21, 2019
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electro-optical interfaces

Fidelity in a Marriage Between Electronic and Optical Effects

A key interface component between electronic and light-based circuits receives a boost in performance through A*STAR research that combines previously independent simulations of the...
optical chips

New Material Could Lead to Erasable and Rewriteable Optical Chips

A military drone flying on a reconnaissance mission is captured behind enemy lines, setting into motion a team of engineers who need to remotely...

Terahertz technology reaches industrial maturity

Terahertz is a new technology in which nondestructive testing of components and surfaces is possible. Until now, these devices and, in particular, the sensor...

Optoelectronic microprocessors built using existing chip manufacturing

High-performance prototype means chipmakers could now start building optoelectronic chips.

New, Ultrathin Optical Devices Shape Light in Exotic Ways

Caltech engineers have created flat devices capable of manipulating light in ways that are very difficult or impossible to achieve with conventional optical components. The...

KIT scientist awarded for work with optical communication technology

Using optical frequency combs instead of conventional laser light is a key concept to speed up data transmission: Optical frequency combs consist of thousands of closely spaced spectral lines whose distances are defined very precisely.