Thursday, September 19, 2019
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Optogenetics: Illuminating Our Head Space

The brain serves as a computer for the body: it regulates body functions and systems, sends signals, stores memories and learned behaviors,...
Parkinson’s disease

New Cause of Parkinson’s Disease Found

A study led by Prof. Daesoo Kim of KAIST has overturned 30 years of consensus on the cause of Parkinson’s disease.The team showed that...

Protein Mingling under Blue Light

One of the current challenges in biology is to understand rapidly-changing phenomena. Interestingly, only a small fraction of them is due to proteins acting...

Overriding the Urge to Sleep

Caltech researchers have identified a neural circuit in the brain that controls wakefulness. The findings have implications for treating insomnia, oversleeping, and sleep disturbances...
Parkinson's disease

Researchers Discover Neuronal Targets That Restore Movement in Model of Parkinson’s...

Researchers working in the lab of Carnegie Mellon University neuroscientist Aryn Gittis have identified two groups of neurons that can be turned on and...
optical brain probes

Shining Light Deep into the Brain

To map the inner workings of the living brain, scientists have long employed various types of brain probes, beginning with simple electrical wires and...
prefrontal cortex

Traffic Light in the Brain

Whether the brain responds to an external stimulus or not depends significantly on the balance between areas of excitation and inhibition in the prefrontal...

A New Brain Mapping Technique Reveals Circuitry of Parkinson’s Disease Tremors

If a piece of electronics isn’t working, troubleshooting the problem often involves probing the flow of electricity through the various components of the circuit...
brain disorders

Dropping like Flies

A*STAR researchers have made genetically-modified flies that drop mid-flight when struck by light1. The optogenetic trick gives scientists an important new way to study...

UNC Scientists Expand the Use of Light to Control Protein Activity...

Proteins are the workhorse molecules of life. Among their many jobs, they carry oxygen, build tissue, copy DNA for the next generation, and coordinate...
neurological diseases

Tailored Carbon Could Help Treating Neurological Diseases

Tomi Laurila's research topic has many quirky names."Nanodiamond, nanohorn, nano-onion...," lists off the Aalto University Professor, recounting the many nano-shapes of carbon. Laurila is...
cerebral cortex

Neurons Form Synapse Clusters

The cerebral cortex resembles a vast switchboard. Countless lines carrying information about the environment, for example from the sensory organs, converge in the cerebral...
chronic pain

Brighter prospects for chronic pain

Researchers use optogenetics to produce pain relief by shutting off neurons with light

Researchers Prevent, Normalize Tumors Using Light to Control Cell Electric Signals

Tufts biologists apply optogenetics to cancer for the first time

Faulty bioelectric signal responsible for facial defects caused by rare genetic...

Discovery may shed light on fetal alcohol syndrome, other conditions

Opioid withdrawal neural pathway discovered

Stanford researchers manipulated the brains of morphine-addicted mice and allowed the animals to overcome withdrawal symptoms. The finding could offer a new approach to quieting symptoms that often lead to recurring drug use.

Yale team deciphers sugar’s siren song

Sugar’s sweetness and calorie content combine to give it lethal power to destroy diets, many scientists have assumed.  However, new study by Yale University...