Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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Influenza viruses

Biochemists Discover Mechanism That Helps Flu Viruses Evolve

Influenza viruses mutate rapidly, which is why flu vaccines have to be redesigned every year. A new study from MIT sheds light on just...
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New Brain Research Reveals that Motor Neurons Adjust to Control Tasks

New research from Carnegie Mellon University’s College of Engineering and the University of Pittsburghreveals that motor cortical neurons optimally adjust how they encode movements...

New “Tougher-than-Metal” Fiber-reinforced Hydrogels

Efforts are currently underway around the world to create materials that are friendly to both society and the environment. Among them are those that...
diamond microwave

Major EPSRC Grant to Develop Gallium Nitride on Diamond Microwave Technology

This next generation technology will underpin future high power radio frequency and microwave communications, space and defence systems, paving the way towards 5G and...

New Imaging Method Developed for Lipid with Many Functions

An essential molecule in cells, called phosphatidic acid (PA), is at the center of a cellular biology mystery.This lipid, or fatty molecule, is a...
Olfactory glomeruli

Olfactory Glomeruli Have a Unique Structure

When insects search for food, a sexual mate or the ideal place for laying eggs – somewhere where the hatching larvae have a good...