Sunday, September 15, 2019
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Aquatic Plants

Research Points to a Strategy for Managing Aquatic Plants in Reservoirs

Excessive proliferation of aquatic plants is a serious problem in reservoirs. The plants grow uncontrollably and form an extensive barrier of biomass, which hinders...

UCLA Computer Scientists Develop Data Integrity Method to Prevent Tampering

How can two parties guarantee that their communications are not tampered with by an outside party? UCLA computer scientists have developed a new method...
appetite suppressant

An Appetite Suppressant with Side Effects

Taking a nap after lunch to digest and relax sounds like a good strategy. However, feeling drowsy after breakfast already would make less sense....

Discovery of Gold Nanocluster “Double” Hints at Other Shape-Changing Particles

New analysis approach brings two unique atomic structures into focus
Manganese Oxide

Revealing the Nature of Magnetic Interactions in Manganese Oxide

New technique for probing local magnetic interactions confirms "superexchange" model that explains how the material gets its long-range magnetic order
the Cloud

Bringing Clarity to the Cloud

Doors that are obviously meant to be pushed not pulled, footprints painted on the floor telling you where to stand at the airport —...
skim reading

New scrolling method promises accelerated skim reading and data recall

EU-funded researchers have developed innovative new scrolling software that allows for documents to be skimmed 60 % faster and with a higher recall rate.
neurological, bacterium

T cells provide a non-invasive solution for neurological research

Researchers in Japan report that neural stem cells derived from readily available T cell-derived iPSCs provide a neurological disease model when cultured in a...