Thursday, June 20, 2019
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NASA CubeSat to Test Miniaturized Weather Satellite Technology

Behind every weather forecast—from your local, five-day prediction to a late-breaking hurricane track update—are the satellites that make them possible. Government agencies depend on...

Toward Efficient High-Pressure Desalination

The desalination industry, a critical source of potable water in many arid regions, generated more than $13 billion last year and is expected to...

Batch Desalination Configuration Bests Standard Reverse Osmosis Approach

With water scarcity affecting nearly 2 billion people — many of whom live near the oceans — “water, water everywhere and not a drop...

People Favour Expressive, Communicative Robots over Efficient and Effective Ones

But the research also shows that giving robots human-like traits could have a flip side - users may even lie to the robot in...
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NTU Develops Energy Saving Filters for Wastewater Treatment

Scientists at Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore) have invented a new type of nanofilter that could reduce the energy needed to treat wastewater by...

Beneficial biofilm works as a ‘probiotic’ to control biofouling

A team of chemical engineers at Penn State has developed a beneficial biofilm with the ability to prevent the biofouling of reverse osmosis (RO)...