Monday, September 23, 2019
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biocompatible hydrogel

Bioprinting Complex Living Tissue in Just a Few Seconds

Researchers from EPFL and the University Medical Center Utrecht in the Netherlands have developed an extremely fast optical method for sculpting complex...
stem cell

Decoding Cells to Unlock Stem Cells’ Potential

Stem cells are jacks of all trades, capable of alleviating the consequences of such diverse pathologies as heart attacks, strokes and cancer....
cardiovascular disease

Scientists Hijack Bacteria’s Homing Ability

To date, trials using stem cells, which are taken and grown from the patient or donor and injected into the patient's heart...
Melanoma Metastasis

Tracking Melanoma Metastasis Leads to Key Gene Discovery 

A Wilmot Cancer Institute investigator discovered a gene that’s required for the initiation of melanoma and the growth of disseminated melanoma cancer cells in...
stem cells

Scientists Discover Stem Cells Capable of Repairing Skull, Face Bones

A team of Rochester scientists has, for the first time, identified and isolated a stem cell population capable of skull formation and craniofacial bone...

Using Electrical Signals to Train the Heart’s Muscle

Columbia Engineering researchers have shown, for the first time, that electrical stimulation of human heart muscle cells (cardiomyocytes) engineered from human stem cells aids...
sound wave

Researchers ride new sound wave to health discovery

Acoustics experts at RMIT University have created a new class of sound wave – the first in more than half a century – in...