Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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hallmark programvideo

Hallmark Seeks to Revolutionize U.S. Space Enterprise Command and Control

The growing complexity of space operations coupled with an increased need for timely decisions demands innovative approaches to battle management command and control (BMC2)...
Subterranean Challengevideo

DARPA Subterranean Challenge Aims to Revolutionize Underground Capabilities

Underground settings are becoming increasingly relevant to global security and safety. Rising populations and urbanization are requiring military and civilian first responders to perform...

DARPA Digging for Ideas to Revolutionize Subterranean Mapping and Navigation

Subterranean warfare—whether involving human-made tunnels, underground urban infrastructure, or natural cave networks—has been an element of U.S. military operations from World War II and...
Unmanned Aircraft

Mobile Force Protection Aims to Thwart Adversaries’ Small Unmanned Aircraft

DARPA’s Mobile Force Protection (MFP) program focuses on a challenge of increasing concern to the U.S. military: countering the proliferation of small, unmanned aircraft...