Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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Scientists tune polymer material’s transparency

If you’ve ever blown up a balloon or pulled at a pair of pantyhose, you may have noticed that the more the material stretches,...

New finding may explain heat loss in fusion reactors

Solving a longstanding mystery, MIT experiments reveal two forms of turbulence interacting.

Earth not due for a geomagnetic flip in the near future

The intensity of Earth’s geomagnetic field has been dropping for the past 200 years, at a rate that some scientists suspect may cause the...

Going solid-state could make batteries safer and longer-lasting

If you pry open one of today’s ubiquitous high-tech devices — whether a cellphone, a laptop, or an electric car — you’ll find that...

Bacteria use DNA replication to time key decision

In spore-forming bacteria, chromosomal locations of genes can couple the DNA replication cycle to critical, once-in-a-lifetime decisions about whether to reproduce or form spores....

Waves in the deep

Acoustic-gravity waves — a special type of sound wave that can cut through the deep ocean at the speed of sound — can be...

Bacteria become “genomic tape recorders”

MIT engineers have transformed the genome of the bacterium E. coli into a long-term storage device for memory. They envision that this stable, erasable,...