Tuesday, March 19, 2019
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Sperm-Egg Fusion Proteins and Zika

The protein that helps the sperm and egg fuse together in sexual reproduction can also fuse regular cells together. Recent findings by a team...

Studies Lead to Use of Melanin as Material for Bioelectronic Devices

Bioelectronics, sometimes called the next medical frontier, is a research field that combines electronics and biology to develop miniaturized implantable devices capable of altering...
combat cancer

Cells Involved in Tumor Formation May Help Combat Cancer

Studies indicate the presence of tumor stem cells in solid tumors and blood cancers such as leukemia, myeloma and lymphoma. Their characteristics are similar...

Distant Phenomena Influence Climate in South America

The role played by oceans – not only the Atlantic and Pacific, but also the Indian Ocean – in South American climate variability is...
Renewable energy

Renewables Represent Opportunity for Latin American Energy Integration

Renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and hydroelectric power, and fuel from biomass such as ethanol and other biofuels, represent an opportunity for...
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Does Having Mixed Ancestry Help Protect You from Motor Neurone Disease?

Could the key to unlocking the secret of motor neurone disease lie in the collaboration between two small island nations, Ireland and Cuba? Researchers...