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Bacteria with Midas Touch Could Be a Boost for Gold Processing

Gold could be discovered and extracted more quickly and recycled more efficiently, thanks to research into “nugget-producing” bacteria. Professor Gordon Southam from The University of...

USGS, Partners Launch a Unified, West Coast-wide Earthquake Early Warning System

The U.S. Geological Survey and university, public and private partners held an event April 10 at the University of Washington to introduce the ShakeAlert...
ozone pollution

Method To Predict Surface Ozone Pollution Levels Provides 48-hour Heads-up

A novel air quality model will help air quality forecasters predict surface ozone levels up to 48-hours in advance and with fewer resources, according...

Study Finds More Extreme Storms Ahead for California

On Dec. 11, 2014, a freight train of a storm steamed through much of California, deluging the San Francisco Bay Area with three inches...

Chilling Climate Revelations from the Last Ice Age

About 14,000 years ago, the southwest United States was lush and green, home to saber-toothed cats and mammoths. Meanwhile, the Pacific Northwest was mostly...

Toxic ‘Marine Snow’ Can Sink Quickly, Persist at Ocean Depths

In a new study, researchers from North Carolina State University found that a specific neurotoxin can persist and accumulate in “marine snow” formed by...
toxic algal bloom

Ocean Conditions Contributed to Unprecedented 2015 Toxic Algal Bloom

A new study connects the unprecedented West Coast toxic algae bloom of 2015 that closed fisheries from southern California to northern British Columbia to...