Monday, January 21, 2019
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sound waves

Sound Waves Direct Particles to Self-Assemble, Self-Heal

An elegantly simple experiment with floating particles self-assembling in response to sound waves has provided a new framework for studying how seemingly lifelike behaviors...

Scientists Push Valleytronics One Step Closer to Reality

Berkeley Lab and UC Berkeley researchers control a promising new way to encode electrons

Exciting Breakthrough in 2D Lasers

An important step towards next-generation ultra-compact photonic and optoelectronic devices has been taken with the realization of a two-dimensional excitonic laser. Scientists with the...

Making 3D Objects Disappear

Invisibility cloaks are a staple of science fiction and fantasy, from Star Trek to Harry Potter, but don’t exist in real life, or do...

Opening a New Route to Photonics

A new route to ultrahigh density, ultracompact integrated photonic circuitry has been discovered by researchers with the  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) and...

New Design Tool for Metamaterials

Metamaterials – artificial nanostructures engineered with electromagnetic properties not found in nature – offer tantalizing future prospects such as high resolution optical microscopes and...