Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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Electronic Skin

Electronic Skin Points the Way North

While birds are able to naturally perceive the Earth’s magnetic field and use it for orientation, humans have so far not come close to...
laser-based particle accelerators

Extremely Small and Fast: Laser Ignites Hot Plasma

When light pulses from an extremely powerful laser system are fired onto material samples, the electric field of the light rips the electrons off...
magnetic cooling cycle

Keep Cool: Researchers Develop Magnetic Cooling Cycle

As a result of climate change, population growth and rising expectations regarding quality of life, energy requirements for cooling processes are growing much faster...

Graphene Enables Clock Rates in the Terahertz Range

Graphene – an ultrathin material consisting of a single layer of interlinked carbon atoms – is considered a promising candidate for the nanoelectronics of...
virtual reality

Virtual Reality Goes Magnetic

The recent success of Pokémon GO made many people very familiar with the concept of “augmented reality”: computer-generated perception blends into the real and...
laser plasma acceleration

When Electrons Ride a Wave

Conventional electron accelerators have become an indispensable tool in modern research. The extremely bright radiation generated by synchrotrons, or free electron lasers, provides us...