Five Classic Water Purification Methods

Water is one of nature’s gifts to man, but sometimes this gift comes in a manner that makes it unsafe for consumption. Purifying your water can be an easy task or a difficult one, depending on the amount of water being purified and its purpose. There are several methods to produce clean drinking water such as using water filters or even using the sun’s energy. Here are five classic water purification methods that are still very relevant today.

Water Filters

Water filters are a water purification method that helps produce clean water. There are different types of water filters available for you to install to purify your water. Most water filters work by using a reverse osmosis membrane to remove toxic chemicals, bacteria, and metals from your water.

Other filters are mainly used to remove debris and other forms of dirt from your water. Water filters are mostly affordable, but if you’re on a tight budget, you could consider creating one yourself. Using water filters is one of the most common and best ways to purify water, whether for home or commercial use.


Distillation by boiling water is perhaps one of the oldest water purification methods known to man, and it is still very relevant today. Simply boiling your water before using or drinking it is a great and easy way to ensure it is clean.

Though the certainty about the boiling water method being safe is quite shaky, boiling water is one easy way to make water safe to drink. All you need to do is pour the contaminated water into a kettle or container, set it on a gas or stove, and let it boil for a minute. After that, your water is safe enough to use.

Basic Filtering

The basic filtering method of purifying water is another classic way to get clean water. However, this is used for water obtained from extremely dirty sources. That is, a lot of dirt, debris, and other unsafe particles are seen floating visibly in the water.

You can use the basic filtering method by getting a clean and transparent piece of cloth or netting material and placing them over a bucket. Make sure it is placed in a way that ensures it stays in place. After doing that, pour your water over the filter material, and you’d notice all the dirt and impurities will appear on the filter.


Using iodine is also another easy way to get clean and safe water. It is especially helpful in getting rid of bacteria and viruses that might be in your water. All you have to do is add a few drops of iodine to your water container, shake it up and give it some time to settle, and do its work of purifying the water before using it.

However, when using iodine to purify your water, it is necessary to be careful. Excess iodine in the water can change the taste of your water. Also, the sodium and crystal form found in most iodine can be dangerous for health, so use iodine only in the proper dose.

Pine Tree Branch

As weird and unbelievable as this may sound, the pine tree branch is a great and easy way to rid your water of all impurities. The pine tree has xylem tissue in its branches that acts as a natural water purifier.

Using this method to produce clean water is very simple and very cheap. All you have to do is get a pine tree branch and fasten it to your water container. It helps capture dirt particles and other lurking toxins, giving you purified water.

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