New Diagnostic Test Helps in Fight Against Antibiotic Resistance

Microbial DNA Sequencing

Antibiotic resistance is reaching a crisis point. A recent article from the Imperial College of London takes a look at what the world will be like without effective antibiotics. It’s a scary scenario.

To help in the fight against antibiotic resistance Hayes Solutions Alliance (HSA) announces the availability of the PathoGenius™ proprietary molecular diagnostic test. This unique test uses microbial DNA sequencing to provide a highly accurate diagnostic tool to help physicians “get it right the first time” when diagnosing a patient infection.

“We were quite excited when asked by PathoGenius to represent them. This technology is the future of diagnostic testing. Physicians can now quickly and much more accurately determine the type of pathogen affecting the patient,” said John Hayes, president of HSA. “Finding out specifically what type of bug is causing the problem and then being able to treat only that specific pathogen helps get patients better, faster and reduces the need for multiple antibiotic use which, as we are learning, is causing great concern in the medical community.”

Technological shift

In contrast to the 99% accuracy of the PathoGenius™ DNA based test, 150 year old culturing techniques, in use today, are quite limited and can only grow and, therefore detect, less than 5% of microbes known. In many cases physicians have stopped ordering traditional cultures since they rarely produce useful information. As a result, seeking to offer a sick patient some comfort, physicians tend to prescribe an antibiotic based on past experience. In the case of a chronic infection, many patients are subjected to a game of antibiotic Russian Roulette as physicians seek a cure of an ongoing infection, which is a contributing factor to the overuse of antibiotics and to antibiotic resistance.


“The traditional culture is suited to treat acute infections caused by single cell or planktonic bacteria. Cultures are not designed to identify the collaborative communities of bacteria (Biofilm) that cause chronic infections. We now know there are over 25k species of microbes and 99% of them cannot be identified in traditional culture. Anaerobes and fungal species are especially difficult.”

Dr. Randall Wolcott, Founder PathoGenius

The highly accurate microbial DNA sequencing test from PathoGenius™ is comparably priced to culturing.

Currently, PathoGenius™ is testing thousands of samples each month from physicians around the country. Just about any type of infection can be DNA sequenced. Physicians are encouraged to contact HSA with any questions or to get started.

For more information, please send an email to: or call: Ray Rasmussen at: 916-337-4402

For more on antibiotic resistance, please visit: STRN


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