High-Tech Robotic Vest as a Backup

Presentation Prototype During Fair Fashiontech Designlab

robotic vest

A high-tech robotic vest made of recycled material that improves your posture. Researchers of the University of Twente and designer Hellen van Rees will present their prototype during Fair FashionTech in DesignLab University of Twente on 8 February. Interested students, educational staff, scientists and corporations are welcome to attend the event.

Researchers Angelika Mader and Geke Ludden (University of Twente) joined forces with designer Hellen van Rees for an initiative as part of the EU WEARSustain project. They developed a robotic vest that integrates technology and innovative material.

The result is a vest of flexible fabric that reminds the wearer in an intuitive manner to improve their posture.


In addition to this robotic vest, three other Dutch WEARSustain initiatives will be featured during Fair FashionTech. Attendees will also have the opportunity to discuss the future of wearable technology and innovative textile with the researchers and a panel of international experts.

“This vest is just the first step,” says Ludden. “During Fair FashionTech, we would like to exchange ideas with interested parties about a sustainable future for this field of study.”

Source : University of Twente