NEC, the World’s First, Develop a VR System Assuming Net Shopping to Experience the Scent of Products

VR system
VR shopping image

NEC developed the world’s first (Note 1) VR system assuming net shopping in a virtual store while experiencing the scent of products. Upon approaching products (apples, oranges, croissants) within the virtual store, this system was installed on the VR headset by utilizing technology to generate fragrance from VR of Venture Company VAQSO Inc. (Note 2) A smell of products is generated from the device, and a shopping experience with a realistic feeling combined with olfaction while staying at home can be done.

This is to strengthen NEC’s “corporate VR solution”, the event “Spring Food Convention 2019” sponsored by Japan Access (* 3) Co., Ltd. (1/17 (Thu) – 18 (Fri) venue: INTEX Osaka, 1 / 23 (Wednesday) – 24 (Thursday) Venue: Saitama Super Arena). 

Since 2021, there is a possibility that compact and lightweight VR terminals with built-in 5G lines will spread and it is speculated that VR shopping will become generalized. NEC has developed “corporate VR solution” as a training application for dangerous work and training, simulation applications such as usability verification, and communication applications such as remote conferences. 
This time, we expanded the scope of VR application by newly developing the system as a shopping application using VR. 

Based on the three-year mid-term business plan “2020 Medium-Term Management Plan” up to fiscal 2020, NEC will utilize advanced technologies such as biometrics authentication, AI · IoT, security, network services, etc. to continue comfortable and pleasant customer experience We will strive to realize store management that keeps on producing. By doing this, we will realize “NEC Value Chain Innovation” (Note 4), together with our customers, to share information and state of people, products and processes throughout the value chain and create new value.

Installation image