New issue of Technologist on AI

The new issue of DTU’s international magazine focuses on how 2016 saw a big breakthrough of everything from Google’s search algorithms to intelligent industrial robots.

artificial intelligence

The subject of one of the two major features in Technolgist is AIartificial intelligence. It includes a presentation of the history of AI, starting in 1951, when Marvin Minsky developed a computer as a neural network capable of finding the best way through a labyrinth. Over 1997, when—to many people’s surprise—IBM’s Deep Blue beat Garri Kasparov, the Russian World Chess Champion. To the really big breakthrough of AI in 2016, when AlphaGo, software developed by Google DeepMind, beat the world’s best Go player, the South Korean Lee Segol, in a game of Go—considered to be a far more complicated game than chess.

Smart food

The second feature of the magazine is about ‘smart food’, i.e. food seen from a technological angle. In a number of articles, questions are raised about issues such as: ‘How can we use smart technologies to feed a rapidly growing population?’, ‘How can technologies improve the flavour and nutritional composition of our food?’, and ‘How can we use technology for, for example, personalized nutrition?’

As always, the new issue of Technologist contains lots of other interesting reading material; from ultrashort technical news to in-depth articles and great infographics.