Robot Drone Man: Telepresence Robot That Flies


Research Professor Ilhan Bae of the Moon Soul Graduate School of Future Strategy at KAIST created a life-size humanoid telepresence robot on a drone platform, which allows users a virtual flight experience and an opportunity to interact with people at remote locations.

This avatar drone is a new application of drone and robotics technology, extending human’s presence and mobility beyond the limit of physical capabilities, Professor Bae explained his research.

“As a futurist, I forecast that drone technology will soon evolve to become another body for humans, and I wanted to demonstrate this potential application of drones. Avatar drones are especially useful for people who need to meet or manage other people face to face in remote locations,” he said.

For example, when elderly people with physical disabilities want to engage in social gatherings, this avatar drone can certainly help them just do that.

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Behind the Music: How Robot Drone Man Built His Flying Avatar