Monday, August 19, 2019
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Scientists Blend Coinage Metals to Get Alloys Better than Gold

Scientists at the University of Maryland have shown for the first time that two-metal mixtures, or alloys, of gold, silver, and copper can potentially...

Quantum Dots Enhance Light-to-Current Conversion in Layered Metal Dichalcogenide Semiconductors

Research demonstrates promise of a new approach for improving solar cells, photocatalysts, light sensors, and other optoelectronic devices

Stanford scientists improve perovskite solar-cell absorbers by giving them a squeeze

Adding pressure could improve the performance of solar cells made of perovskites, a promising photovoltaic material.

New insight into enzyme evolution

How enzymes – the biological proteins that act as catalysts and help complex reactions occur – are ‘tuned’ to work at a particular temperature...
Protein Unfolding

Preventing Protein Unfolding

Polymers can reinforce proteins under mechanical stress
sensitive diagnostics

A portable device for rapid and highly sensitive diagnostics

When remote regions with limited health facilities experience an epidemic, they need portable diagnostic equipment that functions outside the hospital. As demand for such...