Friday, October 18, 2019
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Magnetic Antiparticles

Magnetic Antiparticles Offer New Horizons for Information Technologies

Nanosized magnetic particles called skyrmions are considered highly promising candidates for new data storage and information technologies. Now, physicists have revealed new behavior involving...

Shining Light on Antimatter

The Science The laws of physics predict equal amounts of matter and antimatter in the primordial universe. However, our present universe consists almost entirely of...
Quantum electrodynamics

S&T physicist improves particle interaction modeling

Quantum electrodynamics is a lot like baking a cake, and then trying to take apart the individual ingredients. At least, that is what physicist...
positron pulses

Research Grant for Development of Positron Pulses of Unprecedented Intensity

The German research foundation DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) has granted 750,000 euros for the research project “Creation of intense positron pulses on NEPOMUC” under its...

Magnetic Moment of a Single Antiproton Determined with Greatest Precision Ever

As self-evident as it is that matter exists, its origins are just as mysterious. According to the principles of particle physics, when the universe...
polarized positrons

Polarized Partners: Spinning Electrons Yield Spinning Positrons

The Science When an energetic electron beam strikes matter, it produces photons, or packets of light, that can further convert their energy into pairs of...

Study of Neutrinos Helps Explain Origin of Material Universe

An experiment designed to measure neutrino oscillation has produced knowledge that is of crucial importance to an understanding of the phenomenon that led to...

A New Ring to Slow down Antimatter

You could mistake ELENA for a miniature accelerator. But, unlike most accelerators, it’s housed in a hangar and you can take it all in...

Evidence mounts that neutrinos are the key to the universe’s existence

New experimental results show a difference in the way neutrinos and antineutrinos behave, which could explain why matter persists over antimatter. The results, from the...
Gamma Ray Beam

Supercomputers Fire Lasers to Shoot Gamma Ray Beam

Ever play with a magnifying lens as a kid? Imagine a lens as big as the Earth. Now focus sunlight down to a pencil...

Force that Makes Antimatter Stick Together Measured

Antiproton pairs generated in high-energy heavy-ion collisions interact with a strong attractive force.

After repeated pounding, antihydrogen reveals its charge: zero

An eight-hour experiment using the ALPHA trap at CERN confirmed with 20 times greater precision than before that the charge of the antihydrogen atom...