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atomic nuclei

Targeting Individual Atoms

Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy – NMR spectroscopy for short – is one of the most important methods of physicochemical analysis. It can...
Neutrons Protons Nucleus

Neutrons Play the Lead to Protons in Dance around “Double-Magic” Nucleus

Electric and magnetic properties of a radioactive atom provide unique insight into the nature of proton and neutron motion.

Metal in Chains

If one looked deep into three different solids using a super-microscope, one would, in principle, always see the same thing: atomic nuclei arranged in...
Vibrating Moleculesvideo

SLAC’s High-speed ‘Electron Camera’ Films Atomic Nuclei in Vibrating Molecules

An ultrafast “electron camera” at the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory has made the first direct snapshots of atomic nuclei in molecules...
Quantum fluctuations

Quantum Fluctuations Help Solve Decade-old Puzzle

A high-energy nuclear physics puzzle that scientists have been trying to solve for ten years has just been cracked by computer simulation. The problem...

Physics Researchers Question Calcium-52’s Magic

For decades nuclear physicists have tried to learn more about which elements, or their various isotopes, are “magic.” This is not to say that they...
nuclear clock

From the atomic to the nuclear clock

Measuring time using oscillations of atomic nuclei might significantly improve precision beyond that of current atomic clocks. Physicists have now taken an important step...

Force that Makes Antimatter Stick Together Measured

Antiproton pairs generated in high-energy heavy-ion collisions interact with a strong attractive force.