Monday, February 18, 2019
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Newly-Discovered TB Blood Signal Provides Early Warning for At-Risk Patients

Tuberculosis can be detected in people with HIV infection via a unique blood signal before symptoms appear, according to a new study by researchers...
tuberculosis meningitis

Biological Fingerprint of Tuberculosis Meningitis Discovered in Children

Children with tuberculosis meningitis - a brain and spinal cord infection that can lead to disability and death - have a biological fingerprint that...

Readily Available Antibiotic Could Help to Curb Lung Damage from TB

TB is a leading cause of mortality worldwide, causing 1.8 million deaths in 2015 and infecting one in three people globally, with or without...

The New Game of Russian Roulette for Fire-prone Ecosystems

Increasing prolonged periods of severe hot and dry weather during the first summer after wildfires is inhibiting vegetation recovery and causing loss of plant diversity,...
anti-inflammatory drug

Steroid Reduces Risk of Complication When Treating HIV and TB Patients

An inexpensive and readily accessible anti-inflammatory drug reduces the risk of a potentially dangerous complication in patients starting treatment for both TB and HIV. The...
climate change

Annual Index Reveals Biggest Movers in Climate Change Adaptation

The latest data released by the Notre Dame Global Adaptation Initiative (ND-GAIN) shows governance is a major factor for countries improving preparedness for climate...
sea legs

Finding Our Sea Legs on the Southern Ocean

After two field campaigns in Switzerland, I now have the chance to take part in a large-scale research expedition – a unique opportunity for...

New Insight into the Progression of Tuberculosis Infection

Scientists have found evidence of a separate stage in tuberculosis(TB) infection, where people have no symptoms but are more likely to develop the full...