Monday, February 18, 2019
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electric car

Charging electric vehicles at night can cause more harm than good

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University find that while charging electric vehicles at night is more cost-effective, it increases air emissions. Charging electric vehicles late at...

Carnegie Mellon team develops targeted photosensitizer for cell manipulation

Technology Could Be Used To Better Understand and Treat Disease
synaptic density

Carnegie Mellon develops new method for analyzing synaptic density

Carnegie Mellon University researchers have developed a new approach to broadly survey learning-related changes in synapse properties.

New Design for Nanoparticles Used in Targeted Drug Delivery

Using computational modeling, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, the Colorado School of Mines and the University of California, Davis have come up with a...

Spinoff releases gecko-inspired adhesive

Carnegie Mellon University spinoff nanoGriptech has announced the launch of Setex™, the first commercially available gecko-inspired adhesive. Because it is dry and can repeatedly grip to...