Saturday, September 21, 2019
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quantum particles

Researchers Chart the ‘Secret’ Movement of Quantum Particles

We can verify old predictions of quantum mechanics, for example that particles can exist in different locations at the same time.David Arvidsson-ShukurOne of the...

Smallest-ever Star Discovered by Astronomers

Our discovery reveals how small stars can be.Alexander BoetticherThe smallest star yet measured has been discovered by a team of astronomers led by the...
light-emitting diodes

Rotating Molecules Create a Brighter Future

If the effect we have discovered can be harnessed across the spectrum, it could change the way we generate light Dr Dan CredgingtonWriting in Science...
quantum effects

A tight squeeze for electrons – quantum effects observed in ‘one-dimensional’...

Researchers have observed quantum effects in electrons by squeezing them into one-dimensional ‘quantum wires’ and observing the interactions between them. The results could be...
tiniest engine

Researchers build the world’s tiniest engine

Researchers have built a nano-engine that could form the basis for future applications in nano-robotics, including robots small enough to enter living cells.
quantum state of matter

New state of matter detected in a two-dimensional material 

Researchers have observed the ‘fingerprint’ of a mysterious new quantum state of matter in a two-dimensional material, in which electrons break apart.It’s an important...