Thursday, August 22, 2019
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atmospheric organic aerosol

Cleaner Air, Longer Lives

The air we breathe contains particulate matter from a range of natural and human-related sources. Particulate matter is responsible for thousands of premature deaths...
marine worm

Worm-inspired Material Strengthens, Changes Shape in Response to Its Environment

A new material that naturally adapts to changing environments was inspired by the strength, stability, and mechanical performance of the jaw of a marine...

Researchers Design One of the Strongest, Lightest Materials Known

A team of researchers at MIT has designed one of the strongest lightweight materials known, by compressing and fusing flakes of graphene, a two-dimensional...

Oklahoma Quakes: Researchers Say Wastewater May Be Reason

In 2015, residents of Oklahoma felt the earth move beneath them 907 times, 43 times more than they've felt it move in the past...

MIT Researchers Prove Fast Microbial Evolutionary Bursts Exist

There are more than a dozen species of finch that evolved on the Galapagos Islands, each identified by beak shape and size. Some have...

How to Power up Graphene Implants Without Frying Cells

In the future, our health may be monitored and maintained by tiny sensors and drug dispensers, deployed within the body and made from graphene...
cellphone data

Inferring Urban Travel Patterns from Cellphone Data

In making decisions about infrastructure development and resource allocation, city planners rely on models of how people move through their cities, on foot, in...

Silk-Based Filtration Material Breaks Barriers

When the Chinese first discovered silk, its superior quality and properties were thought so special, it was reserved exclusively for clothing the emperor, his...

Finding a new formula for concrete

Researchers look to bones and shells as blueprints for stronger, more durable concrete.