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Ten Billion Atoms in Rank and File

Each atomic layer thin, tear-resistant, and stable. Graphene is seen as the material of the future. It is ideal for e.g. producing ultra-light electronics...
2D layered devices

2D Layered Devices Can Self-assemble with Precision

Squid-inspired proteins can act as programmable assemblers of 2D materials, like graphene oxide, to form hybrid materials with minute spacing between layers suitable for...

Imprinting Technology Improves Transistor-Based Biosensors

Korean researchers are improving the fabrication of transistor-based biosensors by using silicon nanowires on their surface.The team, led by Won-Ju Cho of Kwangwoon University...

Biodegradable Polymer Coating for Implants

Medical implants often carry surface substrates that release active substances or to which biomolecules or cells can adhere better. However, degradable gas-phase coatings for...

Diamonds Make a Device Cooler

Powerful electronic components can get very hot. When many components are combined into a single semiconductor chip, heating can become a real problem. An...
artificial skin

Smart Artificial Skin: ERC Grant for Researcher at TU Graz

Skin is one of the main human sensory organs. Through our skin we feel humidity, temperature and pressure – sensory impressions which are passed...
Diamond/Boron Nitride, Stem Cells, Materials, Core-to-Core On-Chip

Researchers Integrate Diamond/Boron Nitride Crystalline Layers for Use in High-Power Devices

Materials researchers at North Carolina State University have developed a new technique to deposit diamond on the surface of cubic boron nitride (c-BN), integrating...

Graphene is Strong, But Is It Tough?

Berkeley Lab scientists find that polycrystalline graphene is not very resistant to fracture.