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Solar-Powered Robots

Preserving Chile’s Water with Solar-Powered Robots

Preserving water is a real challenge in hot, dry parts of the world. “Farmers in these countries often cover water reservoirs with thousands of...
gravitational wavesvideo

New Source of Gravitational Waves Is Observed

US physicists Rainer Weiss, Barry Barish and Kip S. Thorne were awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics for their contributions to the detection...
fuzzy dark matter

Dark Matter Is Likely ‘Cold,’ Not ‘Fuzzy,’ Scientists Report after New...

Dark matter is the aptly named unseen material that makes up the bulk of matter in our universe. But what dark matter is made...

A New Way to View Sky and Space

One of the world’s best high-powered telescopes is about to be built in South America — with the help of Dal expertise.Scott Chapman, Killam Professor...

Megathrust Earthquakes Trigger Themselves – Mechanisms Behind Earthquake Cycles at Chiles...

When a phase of relative seismic quiescence of decades to centuries is followed by a short phase of strong seismic activity of several days...

Breakthrough Telescope to Be Built in Chile

Scientists announced this week that a consortium of U.S., German and Canadian academic institutions led by Cornell University will begin construction of Cerro Chajnantor...
nuclear fusion

New Path Suggested for Nuclear Fusion

Controlled nuclear fusion has been a holy grail for physicists who seek an endless supply of clean energy. Scientists at Rice University, the University...

Study Detects Doubly Accelerated Electrons in Collisions of Galaxy Clusters

A cosmic phenomenon on a colossal scale, resulting from the acceleration of a gas cloud by a black hole and its reacceleration by the...

New Hazard Caused by Volcanic Eruptions Discovered

It’s remarkable that such a large volume of magma was injected so close to the surface during an eruption. The magma is likely to...
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Does Having Mixed Ancestry Help Protect You from Motor Neurone Disease?

Could the key to unlocking the secret of motor neurone disease lie in the collaboration between two small island nations, Ireland and Cuba? Researchers...
molecular gas

Dense Molecular Gas Disks Drive the Growth of Supermassive Black Holes

A joint team of University of Tokyo researchers and their collaborators, using ALMA and other telescopes that utilize radio waves for space observation, revealed...
Global Warming

Warning from the Past: Future Global Warming Could Be Even Warmer

Global warming from greenhouse gas emissions depends not only on the size of the emissions, but also on the warming effect that the extra...
habitable planets

Scientists discover potentially habitable planets

Just 40 light years from Earth, planets are best targets so far for search for extraterrestrial life.
habitable worlds

Three potentially habitable worlds found around nearby ultracool dwarf star

Three potentially habitable worlds found around nearby ultracool dwarf star

Slowing deforestation by working together

Collaborative efforts to reduce deforestation were more than twice as effective as "confrontational" programs developed by either industry or nongovernmental organizations, according to a first-of-its kind study.