Saturday, September 21, 2019
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sleeping sickness

New Therapeutic Strategy Against Sleeping Sickness

A newly developed small molecule selectively kills the pathogen causing sleeping sickness and Chagas disease. Scientists from the Technical University of Munich, the Helmholtz...
Artificial Human Lung

Czech Scientists Develop Artificial Human Lung With Help Of 3D Printing

Artificial Human LungSome exciting news from the Czech Republic. Scientists at the Brno University of Technology developed an artificial human lung that could pave...

Rubber from Russian dandelions: a serious European alternative to rubber tree...

Natural rubber is an indispensible ingredient in tens of thousands of applications, from car and aircraft tyres to medical equipment. Nearly all this rubber...

Light: can you feel the force?

A ground-breaking technique capable of measuring the extremely weak forces exerted by light – forces smaller than one piconewton – has been developed by scientists at the University of Bristol.