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Blood Fats Equals Risk of Pancreatitis

The latest study has involved more than 115,000 participants from Denmark, and the results have just been published in the Journal of American Medical...
brain–machine interfaces

Mind over Machine

Junichi Ushiba works in the science-fictional world of brain–machine interfaces, but he doesn’t like the term ‘cyborg’.“‘Cyborg’ sounds like ‘technology’s invasion of human beings’,”...
Mapping foods’ DNA

Mapping Foods’ DNA Can Reveal Fraud

The world has witnessed several food scandals in the last decade, where e.g. melamine has been added to infant formula and horsemeat has been...
fossil fuel alternatives

New research centre can create breakthroughs in fossil fuel alternatives

A grant of DKK 150 million from VILLUM FONDEN will enable a group of the world’s leading researchers to seek new energy, fuel and...
Hazardous Waste

Melting Ice Sheet Could Expose Frozen Cold War-era Hazardous Waste

Climate change is threatening to expose hazardous waste at an abandoned camp thought to be buried forever in the Greenland Ice Sheet, new research...
fuel cells and electrolysis

DTU Energy Strengthens Collaboration with China on Fuel Cells and Electrolysis

Both China and Denmark face large challenges in the transition to an energy system based on renewable sources. Today, fossil energy is still the...

Compounds in Meat May Be Carcinogenic

The National Food Institute has reviewed the results from a number of American and European population studies and other studies to examine, which compounds...
Biological nano-drones

Biological nano-drones can vaccinate against cancer

Miniscule biological nano-drones are to teach the human immune system how to recognize and eliminate cancer cells. The DTU project has now received financial backing from Innovation Fund Denmark.
synchronous compensator

Solar and wind power on cruise control

In the infancy of the electricity grid, there was a need for systems capable of maintaining a stable voltage level and for the availability...
antimicrobial resistance

Robust data an important weapon in fight against antimicrobial resistance

Robust data on both antimicrobial use and resistance is a crucial weapon in the fight against resistant bacteria. In Denmark this realization led to...
Endocrine disrupters

Endocrine disrupters accelerate reproductive aging in rats

Female rats exposed to endocrine disrupters during early development end up with fewer eggs in their ovaries and are at risk of losing their...

Extracting struvite-K from fly ash to make fertilizer

Phosphorus is an essential compound for agriculture fertilizers and thereby most of the food we consume. But the phosphorus mines are running low and...

New Theory On How To Control Energy Transfer Between Molecules

Scientists at the Technical University of Denmark, the University of Twente and the FOM Foundation have settled an old scientific debate on whether or...

Eliminating HIV is possible; UCLA, Danish researchers explain how

Worldwide, about 35 million people are living with HIV. The World Health Organization and the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS plan to use...
renewable energy

Greener chemistry through renewable energy

Solar, hydro and wind energy will continue to blossom in the effort to reduce climate change. But green energy has even bigger potential. For...