Wednesday, May 22, 2019
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A Firefighter Drone That Flies and Crawls Up Walls

KAIST researchers developed a wall-climbing scout drone to fight fires in high-rises, finding the source of the fires and locating people trapped inside. 
blood clotting

Synthetic antibody detects proteins

Research could lead to nanosensors that recognize fibrinogen, insulin, or other biomarkers.

Using spider silk to detect molecules

At EPFL, fiber optics specialists have discovered some unique qualities of spider silk when it comes to conducting light and reacting to certain substances.“It’s...

Proteins seek, attack, destroy tumor cells in bloodstream

Using white blood cells to ferry potent cancer-killing proteins through the bloodstream virtually eliminates metastatic prostate cancer in mice, Cornell researchers have confirmed. Their...
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Robotic glove invented by NUS researchers helps patients restore hand movements

Lightweight and soft, EsoGlove detects muscle signals and guides the hand to perform rehabilitation exercises

Stir no more: scientists show that draining speeds up bioassays 

For many research scientists, idle time has long been an unwelcome feature of the discovery process. Advances in cellular biology have yielded popular and...

Single Molecule Chemo-mechanics of the Rotary Motor Protein F1-ATPase

Assoc. Prof. Chun-Biu Li and Prof. Tamiki Komatsuzaki in the Laboratory of Molecule & Life Nonlinear Sciences, along with Prof. Hiroyuki Noji and his...

Built in sensors make lithium-ion batteries safer

Researchers in Penn State’s Battery and Energy Storage Technology (BEST) Center are working to make the lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries we use every day safer...

Quickly identifying tumors by using antibodies

Antibodies combat viruses and bacteria. They also attach themselves to cancer cells – in a typical, characteristic way. Fraunhofer scientists are using this property...

High-Speed and Fully-Quantitative Evaluation of the Polarization Distribution of a Radially...

New development of a fully-quantitative evaluation method using the concepts of extended Stokes parameters and the degree of polarization defined for the spatial distribution...

Trending science: Bacteria used to detect cancer and diabetes

Two separate teams of scientists have this week published results of their research on detecting disease using genetically modified bacteria. A team in France,...

Using sound waves to detect rare cancer cells

Cancer cells often break free from their original locations and circulate through the bloodstream, allowing them to form new tumors elsewhere in the body....