Saturday, October 19, 2019
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Investigators Eye New Target for Treating Movement Disorders

Blocking a nerve-cell receptor in part of the brain that coordinates movement could improve the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, dyskinesia and other movement disorders,...
Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s Treatment Could Be More Effective, Student Finds

A Binghamton University senior and her colleagues recently uncovered evidence that the current treatment for Parkinson’s disease may not be as effective as it...
bone fractures

A Super Adhesive Made From Intestinal Bacteria

Manufacturing mussel-based underwater adhesives for healing bone fractures with the help of reprogramed intestinal bacteria / spin-off planned UniCat scientists have reprogrammed strains of the...
surgical gluevideo

Non-toxic Underwater Adhesive Could Bring New Surgical Glue

A non-toxic glue modeled after adhesive proteins produced by mussels and other creatures has been found to out-perform commercially available products, pointing toward potential...

Mussels Add Muscle to Biocompatible Fibers

Rice University chemists can thank the mussel for putting the muscle into their new macroscale scaffold fibers. The Rice lab of chemist Jeffrey Hartgerink had...

New ‘Biomimetic’ Glue Shows High-strength Bonding under Water

An adhesive that works under water and is modeled after those created by shellfish to stick to surfaces is stronger than many commercial glues...
biodegradable adhesivevideo

Shellfish Chemistry Combined with Polymer to Create New Biodegradable Adhesive

A new type of adhesive that combines the bonding chemistry of shellfish with a bio-based polymer has been shown to perform as well as...