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gene expression

An Emerging View of RNA Transcription and Splicing

Cells often create compartments to control important biological functions. The nucleus is a prime example; surrounded by a membrane, it houses the...
Gene Expression

Biologists Design a Plug-And-Play Controller for Gene Expression

Researchers from two University of Texas System institutions have engineered biological components that can rewire genetic response pathways, creating a template for...
nervous system

Study identifies specific gene network that promotes nervous system repair

Findings by UCLA-led collaboration are an early step toward potential treatments for injuries to the central nervous system
gene expression

RNA modification discovery suggests new code for control of gene expression

A new cellular signal discovered by a team of scientists at the University of Chicago and Tel Aviv University provides a promising new lever in the control of gene expression.
t cells

New approach to adult T-cell leukemia therapy

A University of Tokyo research group has discovered that genome-wide epigenetic disorder is behind patterns of abnormal gene expression found in adult T-cell leukemia-lymphoma...

Discovered: How to unlock inaccessible genes

An international team of biologists has discovered how specialized enzymes remodel the extremely condensed genetic material in the nucleus of cells in order to...

Researchers uncover molecular switches that turn on gene expression during spine...

A new study by basic science researchers in the Department of Basic Science and Craniofacial Biology at New York University College of Dentistry (NYUCD)...
lung cancer

Study identifies new culprit in lung cancer development

A microRNA — a small piece of RNA involved in regulating gene expression — functions as an oncogene to drive the development of lung...

Faster drug discovery? 

Startup develops more cost-effective test for assessing how cells respond to chemicals. 

Scientists measure real rates of change in global gene expression levels...

An interdisciplinary group of researchers has shown for the first time that it is feasible to determine the rate of change of gene transcript...

Elucidating the mystery of phytoplasmas, the ultimate idler bacteria

Basic research and fieldwork go hand-in-hand at the world’s oldest plant pathology laboratory