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Coral Bleaching on Great Barrier Reef Is on the Rise

Coral bleaching across Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has been occurring since the late 18th century, new research shows. Using cores taken from long-lived corals, scientists show...
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Great Barrier Reef Reveals Rapid Changes of Ancient Glaciers

Graphs of sea levels about the time of the poorly understood Last Glacial Maximum indicated ice sheets were stable before slowly starting to melt...
Great Barrier Reef

Rise and Fall of the Great Barrier Reef over 30,000 Years

An international study led by Associate Professor Jody Webster has shown the reef is resilient to major environmental changes but is highly sensitive to...

Tiny Polyps Save Corals from Predators and Disease

In a new study published today in Proceedings of the Royal Society, the scientists show how tiny hydrozoans, polyps smaller than one millimeter and...
Recycled Poo

The Power of Recycled Poo

The old saying ‘waste not, want not’ applies to many situations in life, but maybe unexpectedly, it’s also pertinent when we’re talking about poo. Putting...

Sub-Tropical Corals Vulnerable, New Study Shows

The vulnerability and conservation value of sub-tropical reefs south of the Great Barrier Reef - regarded as climate change refuges – has been highlighted...
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Australia’s largest Immersive Learning Laboratory now in Sydney

University of Sydney students are receiving in-the-field experience and journeying to new territories – from foreign lands to the outer reaches of space –...
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Into the DNA of a Coral Reef Predator

The Crown-of-Thorns Starfish - or COTS - is a familiar sight for scuba divers in tropical waters: the starfish, resembling the biblical that gave...