Monday, August 19, 2019
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Quantum “Spooky Action at a Distance” Becoming Practical

Scientists from Griffith University have overcome a major challenge in applying a strange quantum effect to real applications.The team from the Centre for Quantum Dynamics have...
wearable devices

Wearable Devices to Remotely Manage Patient Chronic Conditions

Wearable devices to remotely manage patient chronic conditions are set to become available for the medical profession as part of an Australian first.The move follows...

That’s Gold! Griffith Finds Cheap Way to Detect Cancer

Griffith University scientists have developed a new class of nanomaterials that could detect early cancer.The inexpensive, non-invasive diagnostic tool can deliver sensitive and specific...
Mozzie Virus

Drug Breakthrough for Mozzie Virus Outbreaks

Scientists have discovered a way that could help treat severe inflammation from an infectious mosquito-borne disease during outbreaks.A team of researchers led by Professor...

Lab on a Chip: The Future for Drug Discovery

A leading micro and nano technologist has revealed a new way to drug screen, saving the health system money and time.With the lab-to-market timeframe...

Healthier Lifestyles for Women with Type 2 Diabetes

Helping women with Type 2 diabetes to undertake a more healthy lifestyle is the aim of a wellness program developed by Griffith University, and...

Understanding Autism Traits Key to Classroom Outcomes

Teacher knowledge of autism-related behaviour is a key factor in successful classroom outcomes.PhD candidate Libby Macdonald from Griffith University and The Cooperative Research Centre...

Highly Sensitive Nanosensors to Prevent Potential Catastrophes

Griffith University researchers are creating tiny high-tech chips that will detect problems in ageing gas and oil pipelines, preventing potential catastrophic events.A team from...