Wednesday, October 16, 2019
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Fish “Umbrella” Protects Stem Cells from Sun

Stem cells like it dark. In certain fish and frogs, cellular “umbrellas” shade fragile stem cells from the sun’s harmful rays. The discovery, published June...

An Achilles Heel Discovered in Viruses Could Fuel New Antiviral Approaches

Scientists at the Morgridge Institute for Research have discovered a promising new target to fight a class of viruses responsible for health threats such...
Neuropixels probe

Imec Designs and Fabricates World-First Miniature Neural Probe for Simultaneous Recording...

Imec, the world-leading research and innovation hub in nano-electronics and digital technologies, has designed and fabricated a breakthrough neural probe for the parallel recording...
Rare Disease

A Rare Disease Inspires Stanford Researchers to Find a New Way...

Some of the most promising new treatments for blood cancers, drugs called proteasome inhibitors, have a problem: For reasons that researchers are still working...

Study: Eating at ‘Wrong Time’ Affects Body Weight, Circadian Rhythms

Calories and Circadian Rhythms Scientists have more evidence that the time of day we eat is more critical to weight loss than how much we...
Facial Recognition

Cracking the Code of Facial Recognition

Friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances—how does the brain process and recognize the myriad faces we see each day? New research from Caltech shows that the...

Open Science Prize Announces Epidemic Tracking Tool as Grand Prize Winner

A prototype online platform that uses real-time visualization and viral genome data to track the spread of global pathogens such as Zika and Ebola...
Protein Chaperone

Protein Chaperone Takes Its Job Seriously

In a new Caltech study, researchers are learning more about how ribosome chaperones work, showing that one particular chaperone binds to its protein client...

The Self-driving Microscope

Light-sheet microscopy is one of the most powerful method for imaging the development and function of whole living organisms. However, achieving high-resolution images with...

Research by MIT undergrad helps crack chemical mystery

Study finds enzyme “cannibalizes” itself to perform an essential reaction.
food poisoning

UT Southwestern Study Finds Sensing Mechanism in Food Poisoning Bug

UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers have uncovered a mechanism that a type of pathogenic bacteria found in shellfish use to sense when they are...
gene transcription

Scientists illuminate a hidden regulator in gene transcription

New super-resolution technique visualizes important role of short-lived enzyme clusters. 
DNA Transcription

Scientists decipher opening dance steps of DNA and its partner

Berkeley scientists use cryo-electron microscopy to catch proteins triggering gene activation