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embryo development

Research Reveals How Pollutants Affect Early Embryo Development

Chemicals found in cigarette smoke, factories and incinerators can interfere with the crucial early stages of embryo development, suggests new research from the Francis...

Smells Like Queen Spirit

Queen ants spend most of their time having babies. To reign supreme in a colony, they exude a special scent, or pheromone, on the...

Chemical Profile of Ants Adapts Rapidly

The bodies of ants and other insects are covered with a thin, wax-like layer that protects them from desiccation and enables them to exchange...

Antibody Against Carcinogenic Substance Deciphered

Summertime is barbecue time. However, when fat reacts with glowing coal, a substance chemists call benzopyrene is created. It is a widespread environmental toxin...

Decoding Ants’ Coat of Many Odors

Ants are covered with a “coat of many odors.”It’s a waxy layer that covers their bodies and is the source of the complex aromas...

From Sustainable Hydrocarbons to Spin Liquids

Fuel such as petrol is made up of hydrocarbons – a family of molecules consisting entirely of carbon and hydrogen. Pigment and dye, coal...
pipeline clogging

Researchers Design Coatings to Prevent Pipeline Clogging

When the Deepwater Horizon oil rig suffered a catastrophic explosion and blowout on April 21, 2010, leading to the worst oil spill in the...

Melting Snow Contains a Toxic Cocktail of Pollutants

With spring finally here and warmer temperatures just around the corner, snow will slowly melt away, releasing us from the clutches of winter. However,...

Smoking Hot

Hookah-tobacco users might want to rethink how they heat up their water pipes, based on research by chemists at the University of Cincinnati.The gooey,...

Hydraulic Fluids Hospitable for Microbes

The ScienceHydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) is the industry standard for removing hydrocarbons from shale formations, which provide one-third of natural gas energy resources worldwide. The...
Air pollution

Bees’ Ability to Forage Decreases as Air Pollution Increases

Air pollutants interact with and break down plant-emitted scent molecules, which insect pollinators use to locate needed food, according to a team of researchers...

Compounds in Meat May Be Carcinogenic

The National Food Institute has reviewed the results from a number of American and European population studies and other studies to examine, which compounds...
surface water

Novel surface water reference materials used in two laboratory intercomparisons

Scientists from 11 research organisations – including the JRC -  have demonstrated the quality and applicability of whole water reference materials for the determination...
laser, protons

Using laser pulses to direct protons

Using ultrashort laser pulses an international team at LMU Munich and the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics has managed to manipulate the positions...
sour oil

Sweet technique finds cause of sour oil and gas

Rice University engineers develop method to ID cause of sour hydrocarbons in wells 

Researcher pursues sustainable energy through carbon dioxide conversion

Seeing carbon dioxide as a raw material rather than a waste product could lead to a more sustainable future.

Structure of kerogen revealed

Nanopores may be trapping oil and gas in the ancient hydrocarbon instead of allowing them to flow.

UCR Research Advances Oil Production in Yeast

CRISPR-Cas9 tool expedites production of biofuel precursors and specialty polymers in living systems
Carbon Dioxide

Toward Liquid Fuels from Carbon Dioxide

In the quest for sustainable alternative energy and fuel sources, one viable solution may be the conversion of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2)...