Wednesday, September 18, 2019
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laser pulses

Oscillating Molecules from Ultra-short Laser Pulses

Usually, two light beams will cross each other without any fanfare. That buzzing hum of clashing lightsabers is merely a cinematic sound effect. Inside...

A Quantum Low Pass for Photons

The probability to find a certain number of photons inside a laser pulse usually corresponds to a classical distribution of independent events, the so-called...
magnetic waves

Light-driven Atomic Rotations Excite Magnetic Waves

Controlling functional properties by light is one of the grand goals in modern condensed matter physics and materials science. A new study now demonstrates...

Mapping Buried Magnetism

Magnetic properties of materials underlie technologies from old-fashioned recording tape to modern hard drives, and scientists are constantly pushing to develop new uses from...

Electrons at the Speed Limit

Speed may not be witchcraft, but it is the basis for technologies that often seem like magic. Modern computers, for instance, are as powerful...
gold nanoparticles

Two Different Collective Electron Oscillations Observed On Gold Nanoparticles For The...

We could achieve and successfully observe long time optical confinement of a nano optical antenna particle. We could identify this confinement by pursuing the dephasing...

Measuring electrons: first attosecond pulse

By creating and using the first optical attosecond pulse, scientists from the Laboratory for Attosecond Physics measured the time it takes electrons inside atoms to respond to the electromagnetic forces of light.

A tiny ring that produces light pulses

Researchers led by EPFL have made a tiny, ring-shaped device that can generate a pulsed laser signal. Their work could be used in telecommunications...